The warm fuzzies

A good friend and colleague gave me an unexpected bit of news today, that she and her husband have adopted a baby girl. I have no idea why, but the news gave me warm fuzzy feelings and I have been unaccountably happy for the rest of the day today.

I have no idea about the background of this child, but I am sure that she couldn't have a better set of parents if she had chosen them out of a catalog herself. It is people like these who make this world a better place and I wish all three of them every happiness in their lives.

I have no idea why this news has turned me into a pile of mush, but I thought that this needed to be written down and it was all I could do to stop myself from giving her a hug today! (Professional decorum frowns upon hugging in office meetings, I suppose.)


M (tread softly upon) said...

good for her! I once told a friend that adoption is an option since she had been trying unsuccesfully to have a baby for years. She was shocked at my idea. And I stopped considering her a friend after that.
I'm glad you have a freind like that.

J.L. said...

My partner and her brother were both adopted (born in Thailand). I am so lucky to have her in my life! I have a lot of respect for her adoptive parents, for making the committment - we would never have met otherwise. We may decide to adopt one day.

Spiral Architect said...

hey whats new ? adoption is natural progression of life i would say....lets not make it a big thing !!!!!drop in sometime cheers