31 Years, One Life

Today, I am thirty one years old. I have always been fascinated with numbers and I love to see correlations of numbers with things that are familiar to me. So while thirty was a milestone year on the way to middle age, thirty one is important because it brings to mind one of the biggest joys of life, ice cream. The urge to write something on this momentous-to-me day came from a beautiful birthday gift from one of my closest friends.

Birthdays generally make me low before they arrive. Not for the reason most people would assume, of getting older. Getting older is inevitable, and I welcome it as progress. I feel low because I always feel that a birthday should be an eventful day, somehow different from all other days. And just before every birthday, I feel that this one is going to let me down. But thanks to all the wonderful friends and family around me, I have not really had too many in my adult life, that let me down.

This birthday has been specially wonderful till now, for a lot of reasons. A hike and a promotion on the days preceding it, a large stash of new clothes, a surprise birthday cake by hubby and a wonderful note for me from a dear friend... It's the thought that counts, though probably not for the hike and promotion.

I guess what makes my day wonderful is that so many people think of me, and care enough to wish me a Happy Birthday, my boss, my team, my friend who called me in the morning and started talking about an email and had to be reminded of the day, friends from far away, whom I rarely hear from, but who still scrap me on orkut on this day... everyone makes this day special. Well... that was a silly rambling rant. Now I will head out to eat some ice cream.


Aparna said...

Baskin and robbins...yeah...jsut right for today...how about 'world class chocolate'?

Shyam said...

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day......we are missing u.

-CRM/Projects Team

Ms.N said...

heeeeeyyyyyyy- belated bday wishes.... and congrats on the hike and promotion - what are u now???????????????

Spiral Architect said...

whoaa...u got promoted....congrats...what does 31signify :)