Promising the moon

Today, India sent out a successful mission to the moon. I am not in India at the moment and don't have access to the Indian news channels , but I am sure that the airwaves are flooded with self-congratulatory reports. And worse.

I can picture it right now: an NDTV spot where the newscaster is interviewing a "reknowned astrologer" about the effects of such an event. Of a man-made object landing on the moon, an how it will affect astrological conjunctions and so on. It is really fortunate that we haven't sent a man to the moon yet. Or it would be quite a difficult proposition for an astrologer to predict how the man's future would be affected!

It fills me a sense of hopelessness to think that in a country that is successfully able to send probes to the planets, the vast majority of the people still live in terror of what effect those planets have on our fates.

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Anshuman said...

what do you mean by don't have access to the Indian news channels ???

You can watch NDTV at and CNN-IBN at

Both the news channels are broadcasted on the internet - legally by themselves - and live!