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After a long time, I was going over my blog statistics. And guess which page is the highest ranking entry page? Why women love shoes so much!

It is quite surprising that there are so many people out there who type almost the exact words in the search engine and come to my page. People from diverse places like Turkey, Indonesia or New Zealand (to name just three). It just seems to know that women do, in fact, all over the world, love shoes very much. And that men don't, in fact, all over the world, understand women. But at least some of them are trying to find the answers. I will take hope in that.

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Ms.N said...

there was actually a show on travel & living, 'High Heel Confidential' where they visit some of the shoe collections of regular women... it seems like 40 must be the average...

and yea... nothing like a good pair of shoes. incidentally, picked up 3 in singapore :)