Is it chocolate?

This weekend, my brother and I did a bit of a survey at Food Bazaar to see which chocolate brands had vegetable fats (other than cocoa butter) in them. The results? All imported brands, such as Hershey's , Vochelle and Mars were made of cocoa butter and milk fats. And the two major brands sold in India, namely Cadbury's and Nestle, have Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils in them.

Now, you may ask, what's wrong with having vegetable fats in chocolate? Nothing, really, if you are not a chocolate purist. But there is definitely something wrong with having Hydrogenated vegetable oils in the chocolate. These fats have been shown to have many health risks, compared to saturated fats (such as from milk or even meats). There is a lot of awareness about these health risks in many countries in the west, and a lot of companies have started labeling their chocolate, saying "Does not contain any vegetable fat". Check out a bar of Mars.

So next time, before you reach for a 5Star or a KitKat, think about all the free radicals in the chocolate, and how your liver is going to metabolise it!

ETA: After this post was posted, on reading one of the comments, I went to check the Cadbury brand again. And sure enough, there is no more mention of hydrogenated veg oils anymore! There are still some bars of choc that do have them, so if you are concerned, just flip it over and read the ingredient list before buying. :)


Akshoy :) said...

“The regulation allows trans fat (Hydrogenated Fat) levels of less than .5 grams per serving to be labeled as 0 grams per serving, or trans fat free.
and to go trans fat free what these guys are doing is going back to saturated fats which is a known health concern for last 20 years.
Or using a new soya varity and processing technique that produces fat with all qualities of hydrogenated oil and doesn't require hydrogenation...”

But you never know may be tomorrow there will be some research which will open up a potential life threatening aspect of these fats as well .... and what will happen then some other alternative.... so on..

Hey life kills ... gradually… everything contributes to our slow and steady movement towards the ultimate destiny.... so if we can just regulate the intake of things i guess thing will be fine.
So...enjoyee Chocolate

Mithun Kumar said...

Not just munching them... Too much research on them could also be harmful to ur health... Beware ;-)

KoPoS said...


kaika jhamela, bheja fry? :P bas khaao, piyo aur mast ho jaao... :)

and yes, im "not" a chocolate purist :D

Appu said...

Damn you tanu, did you really need to spoil my chocolate-munching-feeling-happy day?

Appu said...

Found something yesterday, and feeling mighty pleased about favourite chocolate Cadbury's dairy milk has cocoa butter!!!! Now, you can put vegetable oil in anything, just leave my 'kuch meetha ho jaye' alone...