Tagged again!

This is my second tag ever! This one is a little more difficult than the last one since it is a bit more free-form. Am I very silly to be excited by tags? Who cares? Here goes!!!

Rules of this Tag:

1. Name the person who tagged you.
2. 8 things about you.
3. Tag 6 people.

Name of the Person : Ms.N
Her pictures speak volumes, but her words aren't too far behind!

8 things about me
1) I am a die-hard web addict. Nothing too techie, just that I like being online all the time, on my various messengers, reading Wikipedia articles and recipes if there is nothing more pressing to take up the time. Because of this, I had to go out and buy one of the "Natural Keyboards" yesterday and now I am typing on that. It really helps! Those with any symptoms of RSI, go out and get one ASAP!!!

2) I don't like it when it gets all cloudy and grey and stays that way for days. I am more of a bright, sunshine-y kind of person.

3) I love to dance! I like to learn new kinds of dance and I am really happy when I find friends who share my interest. I am lucky to have a few of those!

4) Before reality bit me, I wanted to be an astronomer. The astronomer idea was actually a compromise from the astronaut, because when I reached the age of 9 or so, I realised that being an astronaut takes a lot of physical fitness, which was not something I was very good at (still am not, of course).

5) I am an atheist but I love visiting ancient temples. The older the better. I like ruins of all kinds, of course, but temples are usually better preserved that any other sort, and are more numerous in our country anyway. Of course I don't like going to temples that are more recently built. If it isn't at least 200 years old, it's not worth seeing, IMO.

6) I am not very fond of watching movies. They are the last candidate on my things to do on weekends, because I can't get over the idea that I will be wasting 4 hours of my weekend on a movie when I could be doing something more productive (like napping).

7) I love getting haircuts. A new and different haircut can change the way you look and can boost up sagging spirits! No wonder my hair never grows beyond shoulder length.

8) I am "dromophobic", which as far as I could find is what it means to be afraid of crossing roads.

Now to tag 6(!) people (do I even know 6 bloggers???)

Aparna, Spiral Architect, KoPoS, Anshuman, Mithun, Ritesh


Ms.N said...

Quick tag :)
nice one too - and u got 5 'meme's already !

KoPoS said...

grrrrrrrrr you you. creator of an orphaned blog, founder of a fledgling company, i shall have my vengeance in this life or the next.

Tanushree said...

@ms. N: Memes are not just tags, but other stuff too, which I have been inspired to do by reading on some other blog. Or even the blogthings like "what sort of writer are you".

@KoPoS: Chill, Maximus. Take it easy...

Monika said...

nice one... if u are fond of ruins u should must visit hampi.... i think they are prettesit ruins that i have seen

went there some time back check out this post on the same