So lonely without you

I never liked watching TV. Even today, if my SO is out of town, I don't switch on the TV for the entire duration of his absence! I often think back to Sunday evenings in the days of Doordarshan, when all my friends would be at home, watching the weekly movie, and I would be out in the playground all by my lonesome, having no one to talk to (of course, coz my parents were also watching the movie). I don't think I ever hated television more than in those lonely three hours every week.

A similar feeling comes over me during the "festival" days. Most of the time, in this season, I stay in Hyderabad or at the most go to Pune for an extended weekend. But most of my friends and cousins in the city disappear for two weeks or so, to their hometowns, to be with family and friends. While having a friend go on vacation for a couple of weeks at any time of the year is a bit hard on me, having all of them go away together at once is really awful. Moreso because during these two weeks or so, they will not even be accessible on any of the IMs! I recently wrote a post about the fun things to do during the festive season. But now that the "extended weekend" is over, I am depressed because my friends and cousins are still not back, and I don't have anyone to share my holiday experiences with, and no new blog posts to read. And the feelings I used to have for the TV are now getting transferred to the "festive season". I suppose I'll just have to gorge on chocolate for a couple of days to get back to my usual cheery self.


Sidhusaaheb said...

Now, now...

Aur bhi gham hain zamaane mein mohabbat ke siwa
Raahatein aur bhi hain wasl ki raahat ke siwa!

Chocolates, even...


spiralarchitect said... can be depressing, its like staring into a blank wall...but with the wall you can let ur imagination run wild...i prefer books....what a way to spend time alone but sit in a public place (coffee bar) with a book or write something ....cheers

Aparna said...

Yupe, am back....get outta it girl... :)

Tanushree said...

@sidhusaaheb: Not "Chocolates even", chocolates only!

@SA: Eg-jactly!

@Aparna: Presumptive much? What makes u think the post is about you??? :-D I guess you know me too well... Welcome back!!!