Anyone ready to sponsor this dinner?

Here are some of the world's most expensive foods. I don't want the whole meal. Just the dessert will suffice. Any volunteers?


Mohit said...

You know the ingredient thats toughest to find in a gourmet meal? LOVE.
These things look fancy and might taste good too but there's nothing like a good meal made by someone who loves you and makes it just for you.
Hint: try Mom's cooking.... I am sure it'll be much more enjoyable than eating gold leaf!

P.S. I am still in love with the chocolate drink we had at Olive Garden.... I know my mom would never make me that one! :-)

Mithun Kumar said...

Hey Tanu,
I guess you've more reason to give a treat !
I'd love to have one of those as a treat from you ;-)

mehul said...


I do understand why you want to be treated for dessert rather than the main course !!!

Sidhusaaheb said...

Er...ahem...Expensive food is not always wholesome and nutritious, is it?


Tanushree said...

@Mohit: You are right in part, that we cannot survive on gold leaf alone, and need lovingly and patiently cooked food on a daily basis. But the "gold leaf" dish isn't so desirable for the gold per se, as it is because of the rareness and exoticness of the ingredients.

@Sidhusaaheb: Lol... where on my blog did you get the idea that I was overly concerned with "wholesome and nutritious"? But jokes apart, these foods are so expensive for the very reason that they claim to use pure ingredients from very choice sources, though the combination they are put in (for the dessert, e.g.) may not be suitable for consumption on a daily basis because of the huge number of calories involved.