Opinion Poll

Out of curiousity, and maybe inspired by something I read recently, I present an opinion poll. Please answer the given question completely honestly, in as many words as you need to use. If you want to express an extremely negative answer and don't want to reveal your identity, then please use the anonymous commenting option, but please do not hold back.

I am an atheist. How does that make you feel (about me, in general, etc.)?

Why am I doing this poll? Because I am really curious about what my friends think about my lack of belief in a deity. And this is what inspired it.

So please be honest, and verbose. If you have questions, I will be glad to answer them too.


Mohit said...

How many truely religious people do you know? You think today's generation has the time or inclination to bother about someone believing or not believing in God? I'd say not a lot. It who you are that counts.... not what your beliefs are. I don't see how going to a temple or performing a pooja can make you a different person.

I for one would say that I have known you for a very short period (a little over a year.. right?) and still I can say that its as if I have known you for ever! You truely are a great friend.

M (tread softly upon) said...

This was for your friends. BUt I still wanted to volunteer. I wouldn't care one way or the other. I do not care for religion, I'm not very religious myself and I have never ever held that against someone. What you believe in or not is a personal chice and does not change the person or my interaction with a person.

Anshuman Ghosh said...

like i care ?

Anshuman Ghosh said...

you are defined by what you do - not what beliefs you carry. Actions speak, and thats the bottomline - a good human being is someone of good ethical and moral values, and is not related to beliefs at all ..

Alpha0 said...

*Makes me feel that you are a person who is ready to accept your faults instead of blaming it to third parties like God, Luck or Karma etc.

* Makes me feel that you use your conscience instead of just following what others say.

* Makes me feel that you have guts.


Tanushree said...

Thank you all of you who have replied till now. It has given me a lot of warm and fuzzy feelings to know how you feel.

@M: This is for my friends. And by replying you have automatically made yourself one of them :) Thanks for writing your honest opinion.

KoPoS said...

no difference. beats me why you even want to ask this question. because people who really care wont ask about it, and people who ask about it dont really care who you are.

Aparna said...

This would be cheating because I have known about this for so long now, pbly from the beginning of our friendship. Even then, will comment generally.
Well, I always find it easier to get along with people who are not strong believers of anything, because the 'strength' of their belief can sometimes be very restrictive...so if someone proclaims I am an atheist, and also have 'and I don't care what you are' in brackets, I am relieved.

MadMan said...

You are morally bankrupt, and in league with the devil. How can you not see the beauty of this world and wonder how it all came into being? How can you see the wonders of the cosmos and not believe in a God?

If you don't believe in a God, where does your morality come from? I can only hope that you find God and His love. True happiness comes from that.

Sidhusaaheb said...

I would say that it means that your life and the experiences therein have been such that you have been led to Atheism.

I can not read the future and so can not say whether you are going to be an Atheist for ever or are going to turn believer at some point of time.

Anyway, you are one of the few girls that I count among friends. Now, that is a huge compliment, because most of my friends are male as most girls and I are on very different wave-lengths and so communication becomes difficult.

Whether or not you believe in God is no part of that and even if you start believing in the future that is also not going to affect anything there.

Tanushree said...

Again... I would like to thank you all for reinforcing my belief that I have really good friends :)

@Madman: If you don't believe in a God, where does your morality come from?

I don't know, Jumbo Crabs???

I can only hope that you find God and His love. True happiness comes from that.

Oh. I thought true happiness came from perfectly grilled tiger prawns and melt-in-the-mouth blueberry cheesecake. But whatever rocks your socks. :D

spiralarchitect said...

are you special becoz of that ? tch tch tch...dont ask for responses that reconfirm your faith in being faithless....

suresh said...

I feel I really see one more atheist in HYDerabad. may be alot but dont know any1.. it gives you lot of confidence, you need to crib, if something goes bad. You really good at heart. Willing to help ppl. Give advices to frens. Your children will have a real freedom. and lot more