Utterly disgusted

I have just been pointed to a comments thread on an article on rediff. And frankly, I have never been so disgusted before by reading any sort of thread. Keeping in mind that the people who are posting replies are at least educated enough to be net-savvy, read articles on the web and post to message boards, then I have no hope for our illustrious country. A country where half the population strongly believes that the other half should not be "independent" is not a country which will go too far in the long run.

I have, in school, spoken a lot on women's education, women's empowerment and so on, in debates and essays. Most of the time, I used to feel that my classmates, both male and female feel the same way as me. And that was a decade ago. But now, a decade later, I am disgusted to see that the whole message thread related to an article that says career women are not good homemakers has 99% of men saying that they would not marry a working woman.

On this thread, you will read comments men who say that women who work outside the house want to be "independent", and so you should not marry them. There are people who claim career women "dominate" their husbands, that they cheat on their spouses, that they spend all their hard-earned money on fashion instead of contributing to the household expenses, and the worst of all, that when the come home, they expect their husbands to help them with the housework and child-rearing! Oh the horror of it! To even imagine that a man would enter the kitchen and demean himself with chopping some vegetables or maybe setting the table or something! Or that he would take a look at his kid's homework while his wife is making dinner!

If I had read this message thread before I got married, I should have never imagined that there is even one person in this country who would treat me as a human being rather than a baby-machine that also serves piping hot meals at the right times. I suppose I am lucky. But I dread to think of all the young impressionable women out there who are reading this thread of responses and giving up all hopes of ever finding a decent human being among the male populace of our land.


Aparna said...

Amit Varma has blogged about this now:

Good to see the view from the other aide...as always!

Sidhusaaheb said...

Gives you and many others like you one more reason to appreciate your husbands... ;)

By the way, if the education system really worked, do you think India would have still been so sharply polarized along the lines of religion, caste, creed, etc., with the bigots including some of its 'highly educated' citizens?

Tanushree said...

@aparna: Yeah its a great post.

@sidhusaaheb: You are right about the appreciation! I definitely do appreciate him more and more everyday, as I learn more about the world around me.

And you are right again, about the education system. I guess our education system (or most of them) just make us literate. What use we put that literacy to is up to us.