Truths and lies meme - Now with answers

I seem to be on a meme roll. Anyway:

Here are six statements about me or my family. Three are true and three are false. Guess which are which. I'll post the answers next week (if I have enough guesses).

1. My first memory is of a crow stealing one of my toys off the window. - True. I guess it stuck in my mind because it is such a wierd memory.

2. I'd never been to a movie theatre before the age of 5. - False. My parents have always been great movie buffs, and used to take me along to the theatres from a very young age, because they had no one to leave me with. Needless to say, I hated it!

3. I can lick the tip of my own nose. - True! Absolutely.

4. My father once thought I was dead after I fell down the stair and fainted. - True. Gave the rest of the family quite a scare. I was 3 or so at the time.

5. The only body part I've ever broken was my ankle. - False. I haven't broken any bones that I know of.

6. I'm grossed-out by dead fish. - False! Fish was the second solid food I ever ate, the first being payesh.

ETA: OK, my dear little brother has put in a spoiler for #5. Well just wanted to say one of the commenters has got them all correct, and it is not my brother!

ETA (2): To add some motivation, winner(s) (those who get all correct without resorting to devious means) will get a small prize :D (pls note the "small")

So the prize goes to Sarita! For being the first to guess all of them correctly!


Mohit said...

hmmmm 3 and 6 are for the thid one....

KoPoS said...


2, 3, 5

Aparna said...

false: 2,3 and 6
The remaining are true.

Am waiting to see a lot of comments on this one...

Maven's Atelier said...

i have reasoned out 3,5,1

Sarita said...

True: 1, 3, 4
False: 2, 5, 6

Sudeep said...

1. false
2. true
3. true
4. true
5. u didnt break ur ankle u sprained it in an accident with me, u tore a tendon.
6. false

SideWinder said...

1. oh yeah
3. Nopes - No way
4. he did !?!?!
5. B-}
6. this is know - and the answer is NOOOOOOOOOOOO. i know that u love eatin 'em!!

Bishwanath Ghosh said...

Waiting for the answers now...

Tanushree said...

@Bishwanath: In a week, as mentioned on the post. To give a chance to all my readers (!) to put in their guesses. Where are your guesses, btw?

manish said...

I feel 1,3 and 4 are true(come-on,now don't say the answer is incorrect,you've already agreed secretly :-) Ok,so what is the prize ??

ExpatJane said...

3 makes me laugh. I'm not a contortionist by any stretch.