Heartfelt Gratitude

The autorickshaw strike going on in Hyderabad is causing a lot of people serious inconvenience. But this is not a post on autorickshaw drivers and their tyranny, nor is it about whether or not strikes are a good thing to have. This post is to express my gratitude toward all the people who have pitched in to help their friends and colleagues who depend on autorickshaws (like me) get to work and back in the past 10 days. To all of my friends and colleagues who are going quite a bit out of their way to pick me (and others) up in the morning, or drop us home in the evening, a million thanks. May your tribe forever grow and prosper.


Anshuman Ghosh said...

so did u try an autoride ?
the auto guys never failed to make me burst into a strange laughter every morning - thanks to they quoting obscenely distorted charges for minimal distances :-D

Hyderabadiz said...

PS. Apologies for cross posting. This is not spam.
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Bruce said...

Hello Tanushree,
I am more than passively interested in Bangalore. I
was on the blank noise blog when I noticed your blog.
I am an atheist here in new England U.S. I find it
difficult. In my experience there are really negative
career consequences to being open and vocal about
atheism here. I do not think that is the Rep here in
the U.S. but I find it true.
So my objective is to gather information so that I can
understand how class, caste, education, emigration and
economic prosperity work in Bangalore. I am naturally
inquisitive and have lots of questions. Here is the
caveat; I do not imagine that this is very interesting
for the person responding to my questions. There is
really nothing in it but information exchange for the
person from India; however, you strike me as a person
that is not entirely self motivated. That is,
motivated solely by self interest and self benefit.
If you think you might be willing to help, please drop
me a line. Since there is no email link for you, I
have left this post.

bruce said...


Anonymous said...

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