Mangal Attacks!!!

I am listening with half a ear right now to the news on tv. There is a report on Abishek's engagement to Ash, which is of course accompanied by the whole hullaballoo about Ash being "manglik". There have been a lot of "upay" or "workarounds" suggested to get over the bad influence of Mangal or Mars over the horroscope of the girl, including getting her symbolically married to a tree!

The general idea that everyone has of the "Manglik dosha" (don't ask me what exactly it means in terms of the horroscope, just that it involves some sinister positioning of Mars) is from weird Hindi movies where a Manglik girl gets married and then a lot of misfortune befalls her new family and so on. People never really tell you what exactly is the matter with a Manglik girl, and why people say that it is likely her husband will die. But I discovered something very interesting a few years ago about this matter.

My dad has a very good friend, who shares his interest in astrology and in fact practices it beyond the amateur interest that my dad shows in it. So one fine afternoon when these two buddies had their charts and papers strewn about and were discussing horroscopes (mine, of course) I overheard my dad asking this gentleman what being Manglik means. The gentleman assured him that is wansn't anything to worry about and generally people with the Manglik dosha have very strong sexual desires, and that is why it is recommended that they should be married to another Manglik. I suppose you can imagine what I thought about that? Well I rushed to share this news with my cousin who used to live with us, and who is also a Manglik. We sometimes still giggle about having a high enough sex drive to kill a guy from exhaustion.

Anyway both she and I got married in circumstances where our parents were not able to match our horroscopes with the guy's so I will never know if my SO is Manglik or not. But for the time being he seems to be coping well under the pressure, so to speak; in fact he seems to be positively thriving.

Of course, if you have read anything of my blog before, you will know that I do not believe a word of what horrscopes are supposed to reveal to us, and so it is all irrelevant to me. But it is sad to see that people let their entire lives be ruled by these ancient systems which have ceased to have any meaning in today's world, if they ever had any. Here you can read some interesting facts and workarounds for the Manglik Dosha. Of course, if you read this, you will know that it is all a money-making enterprise, (yep, you can pay by credit card or via direct debit from the major banks!) whether it involves buying charms or getting pujas and yagyas done to reduce the Martian terror or paying a pundit to get your daughter married to a tree!

ETA: Apparently my blog has been getting loads of hits since I wrote this post, because of the typo: "Abishek". So I won't correct it, but I will add the correct spelling "Abhishek" here too, so that I don't miss out on people Googling the correct spelling!


Mithun Kumar said...

Nice links there...
Its gets me in splits to think about the gullibility of the poor folks...
If its claimed that there is some effect of the mars planet on ones horoscope, then I don't understand how do they claim to somehow cancel that dosha?
How does these ppl not notice such obvious discrepancies in the claims made by the same crooks?

Sriram said...

ROTFL!! couldnt stop laughing

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. Tanu, finally got around to reading ur blogs after bookmarking them a few weeks ago.. Guess, it had to take a change of job to find the time..:)

Ok, now with respect to this whole Dosha thing. The underlying tenor in any of such beliefs is the assumed subservience of the female in the patriarchial society that has sustained for ages in Indian history. In the Clarifications on Manglik Dosha link, you will notice that the so-called scenarios are heavily weighted towards a condescending benevolance being given to the "girl". Thus, in most cases it is a case of the girl getting the "exemptions" from the effects of the dosha, thereby asserting that the male is more or less absolved of any impurity that may be cast upon him by such misalignment of the starts or planets or anything else.
So, it all comes down to the female
subordination in any union and thus is being magnanimously given the benefit of those exemptions.. :(

My marriage did go through some of the matching circumstances, more due to her side's comfort level, but I have never bothered to check whether these Doshas existed !! I should go back and try to do this with someone just for the heck of it to see if something should have been lurking these 15 years !!

Will look over some others... BTW, I am a believer so, I may not agree with all of the atheist posts. :). But nice postings, plz keep writing such stuff
- Ramesh

Maria said...
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Maria said...

I love this story. It's just so crazy! I mean, really - a tree? It's almost as if the they needed to make something up just so they could make sure the Bollywood wedding of the century can happen without being cursed.

We are a silly people, aren't we? I'm glad to read all the posts and comments about this that are all about how crazy it is for people to believe in this stuff.

Great blog!